Running Against The Wind

Moving to a new city not only brings the social challenge of knowing where you fit in, but adapting to the changes in weather. Where constant rain and gray skies were my Achilles heel in Portland, Oregon, snow and wind are my crutch in Eastern Oregon. Nonetheless, I managed to muster enough courage to face the wind twice this week.

On Friday, I took advantage of the few hours left of sunshine and did a tempo run (Sub-2 Half-Marathon pace)

Few minutes left of sun before the end of my run.

Few minutes left of sun before the end of my run.

Tempo paces:

Mile 1: Warm-up

Mile 2: 9:02

Mile 3: 9:07

Mile 4: 9:07

Mile 5: Cool Down

On Saturday morning, I woke up to a low of 23 degrees and 25 mile per hour wind. I knew I wanted to run, especially run for Meg Menzies, who was killed by a drunk driver while out jogging January 13, 2014. My weather app read a high of 43 around 2 pm and decided to wait until it was warmer than my fridge outside. Despite the fact it was considerably warmer, the 43 degrees dropped down to 33 due to the high winds. Since I was honoring Meg’s life, I wanted to enjoy my run and take in the beauty that surrounded me.

My view as soon as I set foot outside my door.

My view as soon as I set foot outside my door.

I felt the cold air hit my face as soon as started running, but since I was running to pay tribute to the life of a woman I’m sure was loved and miss by many, I figured cold wind was trivial compared to the pain her family was experiencing. Since the wind was facing me, I’d enjoy it’s breeze hitting my back on my way home.

Me and my shadow. Can you see the sheep?

Me and my shadow. Can you see the sheep?

I’ve never lived in a small town, much less a city where people had farm animals in their yard. I absolutely love the fact I get to enjoy the great outdoors and greet amazing farm animals along the way!

A horse enjoying some sun and food.

A horse enjoying some sun and food.

The horse and I got a good scare from a Chihuahua that came barking behind us. I immediately put the camera away and the horse took off running. It was quite a sight.



As humans, unfortunate events sometimes make us realize how blessed our lives are. As I thought about Meg’s life cut short, it made me conscientious of how ungrateful I can be with my own life sometimes. I saw this field and I was thankful for my health and the health of my family. I prayed for Meg and all the loved ones who were left with her memory. I hope in some way, her family finds comfort in knowing her life impacted millions.



A beautiful sunset brought an end to my six mile run. Did you run for Meg this weekend? Did your run help you reflect on all the things you are grateful for?


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