Pull-up Challenge for Females

The Marine Corps recently delayed the required three pull-up minimum for Female Marines because more than half the females were unable to perform at least one pull-up. Prior to the change, Female Marines were expected to hang with their chin above the bar (flex arm-hang) for a maximum of sixty seconds. I served in the Marine Corps between 1998 and 2002 and I can definitely say I am unable to do a single pull-up. Thus, I would have been part of the statistics of non pull-up performance.

As someone with a lot of pride, and as an individual who wants to uphold the honor of the Marine Corps, I’m taking the 70 day pull-up challenge. My goal is to perform at least one-pull up within the next seventy days. I know that if I can perform one, I will be able to perform three.

It’s not a secret that women have a much more difficult time with pull-ups because of our body compositions, but like all other challenges in life, it requires a plan and discipline to follow through with the plan to surpass the challenge.

My plan is to strengthen my upper body and practice, practice, practice! I will perform 50 pull-ups daily, five days a week, beginning with a resistance band until I’m able to do an unassisted pull-up. I’m hoping this will help me perform at least one pull-up by April 5th.


Do you find pull-ups challenging? How many unassisted pull-ups can you do?


5 thoughts on “Pull-up Challenge for Females

  1. The most I have done is 6 pull-ups at a time. Took me what seemed like FOREVER to get one. Yes, I was teary eyed with pride:) I managed to knock my first one out by turning my hands for an underhanded one. Never even thought of trying that. Was finally able to do an overhand one. Problem is now i can’t even do one! I have to work on them again if I am ever to do the Tough Mudder in September. Necessary. You got this Luisa!!!

    • Thank you Kristin! Six pull-ups is impressive! I’d be ecstatic if I can do just one, and over the moon with six! I don’t doubt you can do it again and show Tough Mudder who is boss 🙂

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