Long Run, Short Run, Fast 5K, and Sprints


This week is the first week since I started running again in late August that I’ve felt mentally strong, which in turn provided a dose of adrenaline to my physical strength. Strong mind and strong body makes me a happy camper. Perhaps it’s the fact the days are getting longer. Or maybe it’s the renaissance of chirping birds outside my window with Persephone’s visit less than 3 weeks away. Regardless of the plausibilities, I thoroughly enjoyed my training this past week.

On Saturday, I was home alone with my two daughters (10 and 1). I was determined to get in a long run and mentally prepared myself to run 9 miles on the treadmill.

Distance: 9 miles

Time: 1:32:02 10:12 min/mi

Feeling: Accomplished

Sunday: Rest

Monday was leg day, so I did a quick run (again on the treadmill) in the morning but did not push too hard because I wanted to have strong legs for deadlifts.

Distance: 3.11

Time: 31:05 9:59 min/mi

Feeling: Strong

Deadlift 1 Rep Max: 180lbs!!!

I was uncertain how sore my hamstrings and quadriceps would be from deadlifts and back squats the day before, but Tuesday was pleasantly surprising because my legs felt strong. I decided to do sprints on the treadmill while my daughter napped.

1 mile warm-up followed by 1/4 mile repeats @ 7:20 min/mi (sprint 1/4 mile for 1:50 secs, walk 1:50. Sprints were 8.2 on treadmill)

Time: Repeat 6 times

Feeling: Motivated

Wednesday I opted for HIIT training – 3 rounds of: (21-15-9) deadlifts, jump rope, box jumps and sit-ups for time (9:43).

Thursday was 25 minutes of cardio on the rowing machine (great workout – my butt was sore).

On Friday, I had a small exercise window and decided to do a 5k as fast as I could.


Fastest 5k since I started running in late August


Saturday’s long run was a new route for me and it included something that will really help me get faster – hills! I was nervous about it, but I told myself this was supposed to be a long and slow run and not a tempo run. The weather conditions were much to my chagrin. In fact, I was supposed to run first thing in the morning (6:00 am), but I looked at the weather app and noticed it was windy (17 mph) and the 37 degrees felt like they were more in the twenties! I thought it would get warmer as the day progressed, but instead, it got cooler and even more windy! I didn’t want to postpone my long run any longer and decided I needed to stop making excuses and just confront the weather once and for all.


Confronting the weather and letting it know I was no longer afraid.

Distance: 9.10 mi

Time: 1:43:33 11:23 mi/mi

Feeling: Valiant


Elevation Gain of 708 feet

How was your training week? Weak, or strong? Are your mind and body ready for Spring?


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5 thoughts on “Long Run, Short Run, Fast 5K, and Sprints

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  2. What a great training week! Nice work on the long run, the speedy 5k and the elevation gain! That’s a nice max on dead lift too. 🙂 I am not setting any sort of records this week, but did some yoga, a short run and hit the weights today. And yes– so ready for spring!

    • Thank you Raina. Yoga is something I would really like to try. I’m not very flexible and somewhat impatient, so it’s a challenge for me. I hope your running is treating your mind and body kindly.

  3. So glad you ENJOYED your training week! I love when it all comes together and I finish it feeling strong and confident…and way to go on the hills! They definitely make a huge difference in improving your running on so many levels. I live in a very flat city, but there is a hill that I’m dying to get reacquainted with once it starts to get a little lighter in the mornings – I nicknamed him The Beast because he is exactly that…but I love him. 😉 LOL

    • Thank you Kristen. This week has not been a great week, but life doesn’t get easy or pause just because someone is training. In regards to your Beast, it’s always exciting to rekindle with an old flame 😉

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