70 Day Pull-Up Challenge – Halfway Point

March 5th marked the halfway point of my 70 day pull up challenge.

The majority of my training has consisted of performing negative pull-ups (every other day 4 x’s a week 5 sets of 3 reps) and lat pull downs (a weight machine at the gym) which I do sets of five until I fail to pull weight.

Here is my first video completing an unassisted chin-up!

I can say that I can successfully complete 1 rep Max chin-up. My feet were lifted off the ground prior to pulling up all of my weight. I’m very proud of myself.

Here is my attempt at a standard unassisted pull-up:

The chin-up is slightly easier than the standard pull-up because the strength comes from the biceps, while the latter demands strength from your back.

If you paid attention to my second video, my weight is being supported and the bar is within arms reach. If the bar were two inches higher, I would not be able to pull up all of my weight. Thus, I’m very close to completing a standard pull-up but still have more training. Fortunately, I still have halfway to go.

How are your goals coming? Is a pull-up one of your goals? How many pull-ups can you perform?


5 thoughts on “70 Day Pull-Up Challenge – Halfway Point

  1. Woot! Woot! Happy dance happening for you. You did it!!! AND you did it at the halfway point. Major accomplishment Luisa. Proud of you. So, have to ask…Were there tears? I know we talked about this before and I told you I shed a tear for mine.

    Me? I am only able to do one. Embarrassed to say I have been in a bit of a slump with stress lately. However I am coming back and attacking them again. I HAVE to if I am to ever complete a Tough Mudder. Need to also practice hanging on the monkey bars in case I get stuck.

    Thanks for the inspiration girl! I am hitting them tonight because of this post:)

    • Kristin, I’m sorry you’ve been stressed lately. I know how much of an impact stress has on our spirit. I’m hoping good blessings are coming your way soon.

      I’m in a little shock I was able to do the pull-up. I did more throughout the day to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. I’m so happy!!!

      • Thanks Luisa. No worries on the stress. This too shall pass. Back to those pull-ups. I hear ya with checking to see if it was a fluke. I did the same thing! I could only do one last night. We will be knocking out sets of them before we know it. Tonight I am working on push ups. That’s if my legs will allow me to get on the floor and back up. My hams are killing me after last night’s workout. lol

        Keep soaring on the wings of happy. You deserve it!

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