Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator – Product Review

I started running in my early twenties. It never crossed my mind to use any kinds of supplements because I took what my body could do for granted. Plus, I never really cross trained, so my body became accustomed to my running regimen without it hindering my day-to-day activities.

I am now 37 years old. I’ve had two children over the last ten years with a toddler at home. Furthermore, I’ve recently discovered Crossfit. My body now needs a little help from the pounding of heavy lifting and excessive use of joints both at home and in the gym. Most importantly, I need to keep up with my almost two year-old toddler at home, whom I have the pleasure of staying home with.

I started looking into recovery supplements a few months ago, but was overwhelmed with the plethora of products. It wasn’t just about the quantity, it was about the content. Because I was completely new to the world of supplements, I wanted something with ingredients I could pronounce, that were all natural, and that it set out to do what it claimed to do – help me recover in order to function for my daughter, and not miss out on my Crossfit workouts while still being able to log in long runs. That wasn’t too much to ask for if I was going to be spending my hard earned money on a good recovery supplement.

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator entered the scene a couple of weeks ago after the company, Vega, presented an opportunity for me to review the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator. According to their website, the product is “The first all-natural, plant-based recovery drink mix specifically developed to address all six key elements of post-workout recovery: muscle glycogen replenishment, muscle tissue repair and protein synthesis, hormonal support, soft-tissue repair, immune system support, inflammation reduction and rehydration.”


I was going to try the product on specific workouts to see if it really did what the product claimed to do.


The first test came on a week where I had a ten mile run scheduled on Saturday, and an arduous Crossfit workout. In honor of Memorial Day, a workout titled Murphy was schedule at the Crossfit box. The workout was held on Thursday afternoon, two days before my ten mile run. The Murphy workout consists of running one mile, followed by performing 300 squats, 200 push-ups, 100 pull-ups, and finished with one more mile run. It took me an hour to complete this workout, and it was just as intense as it sounds. Once finished, I immediately drank a packet of the mix that came in a very portable package. The directions indicate to mix the powder with 12 ounces of cold water. I only used a spoon, and did not need any high tech mixers.


The flavor was very pleasant and the texture was not gritty at all. It wasn’t necessarily smooth, because you could sense some of the plant-based ingredients (you can see them as well), but the only flavor was the tropical flavor. The mix comes in two different flavors – Apple Berry and Tropical.


The Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator not only tasted good, but it really did help my sore muscles! I managed to survive the Murphy workout, be present for my daughter, and log in ten miles on Saturday.

I also used the accelerator immediately after my ten mile run and it helped me enjoy the weekend with my family without slowing me down!

The ultimate test came this past weekend. My family and I decided to visit San Diego and we had three day passes to Disneyland a day after a scheduled half-marathon – RnR San Diego. It was critical that we recover not only because we were on vacation, but because it was a physically active vacation. I brought two of the packets with me (one for me and one for my husband) on the trip and we drank them as soon as we were done with our race! I can honestly say they really worked! We survived three days of 10 plus hours of walking in a Disney theme park with a ten-year-old and a toddler!


Would I buy the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator after given the opportunity to review it? Absolutely! I know that my money will be well spent on a product that really works and has the all-natural ingredients I was looking for! Yes, I was given this product to review, and while these are my opinions, the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator worked for me based upon my personal experience. This makes me and my muscles happy.



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