Tutu Run Half-Marathon Race Recap

I ran the Tutu Run Half-Marathon on July 4th 2014. The race took place in Boise, Idaho, which is a three hour drive from where I live. There is also an hour time difference, so you can technically say it is a 4 hour drive!

The race began @ 7 am at Veteran’s Memorial Park. There was a 5K, 10k, a half-marathon and a kids race. The race was small, with only about 65 participants for the half marathon. Packet pick-up occurred on the day of the race, which worked well given the number of participants (less than 250). As I mentioned in my Three Faces of Luisa post, I had no expectations (lie) because I really hadn’t run since my last half-marathon in June. It was also inexpensive (less than $50) and it included a finisher’s medal and a non-tech t-shirt. Tech shirts seem to be the expectation nowadays, so I had to emphasize it was “non-tech.” Since it’s called the “tutu run” we were all encouraged to wear a tutu. This was the first time I’d be running in a Tutu, and I was actually excited about running with an extra accessory.


The course was an out and back course, and believe it or not, those are my favorite kind of courses. There were four well-spaced water stations throughout the run. The path was paved and there was adequate shade formed by large trees throughout the path. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to cross a wooden bridge and run along a river. Truthfully, it was a very beautiful, flat course that I’m sure I’d like to run again. The course was ideal for a small local race, but would not be suitable for a bigger race if it grows to be any larger. Since it was a nice and sunny holiday, we shared the path with bicyclists, runners independent of the race, and walkers enjoying the day with a friend or their furry friend. Despite that, I never felt crowded or like we were in each other’s way.

I must have been very efficient with my running, because I crossed the finish line with my Garmin reading 12.85! I actually had to do a couple of loops in order to get the official half-marathon distance of 13.1! There was water, Gatorade, bananas, pretzel and ice pops at the end of the race.

My finish time according to the race: 2:07:05
My finish time according to my Garmin: 2:09:54

Here is the CRAZIEST part of all: I beat myself up for almost the entire race, and I placed THIRD for my age group!!!!! I did not find this out until today, when I started typing this post to see my official results!!!!


I would definitely run this well-organized race again.

A picture of my tutu and the race medal. My neighbor decorated my tutu! I love it!

Did you run any races on Independence Day?


5 thoughts on “Tutu Run Half-Marathon Race Recap

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    • Thank you Kristen. After how bad I thought I did on my run, I would have never guessed that time would have been good enough for me to place. I guess that’s one of the perks of small races.

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