Summer Lovin’

Summer is my absolute favorite season. When I think of Heaven, I don’t think of a white-light filled space. I think of sun, sand, surf and virgin cocktails with little umbrellas. So, in honor of summer, I wanted to take the time out to send a shout out to the things I’m loving this Summer.

Prior to my Hippie Chick 1/2 Marathon, I was doing weekly speed intervals, but stopped about two weeks before the race because I ended up getting sick. After my poor performance on the Tutu Half-Marathon this past month, I knew I had to get back to running speed intervals. I love how wild my hair gets, and how sweat beads form all over my face. Intervals during summer make me feel like I worked extra hard.


Post Speed Interval Session. Wild hair, sweaty face, but with a big smile on my face.

EveryMove App
I’m not very adventurous when it comes to apps. As a runner, I’ve stuck to MapMyRun when I’m not using my Garmin and have navigated other apps, but I usually lose interest in them pretty quickly. I recently discovered as a SweatPink Ambassador the EveryMove app and I’ve actually been very motivated to use it. The app allows you to record all of your activities and rewards you with points that can be redeemed towards tangible incentives (think discounts for athletic apparel, edible goods, and pet gear to name a few), or the points can go towards charitable donations. In the last month that I’ve used it, I’ve been able to earn enough points logging in my running miles and my Crossfit workouts and earned 25% off from Healthy Warrior. My favorite part though is the fact that I can use my workout activities towards charitable contributions. So I get to work out, which makes me happier and healthier, log my runs and crossfit workouts into the EveryMove app (I like to manually record mine even though you can sync the app with numerous fitness apps), and contribute to a better society just by exercising and using the Apps. It’s a win win.  Since I started using the app about three weeks ago, I’ve earned enough points for EveryMove to donate $1 to The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and another $1 towards Summit Assistance Dogs, a nonprofit organization that creates partnerships by providing highly-skilled mobility, hearing and therapy dogs for people living with disabilities. Furthermore, you can compare your fitness mobility with other EveryMove users and motivate each other. I’m thinking this particular app is a keeper.


Some of the multiple choices of moving activity. Running and Crossfit are my main sweat inducers, but notice I have also used the “Cleaning House” activity.



The Great Outdoors
I feel like I wait years for Summer to come, so when it finally comes around, I love to explore the beautiful state of Oregon. From mountains, to waterfalls, I love being outdoors and enjoying the beauty of nature.


Columbia River Gorge – absolutely beautiful.

I grew up in Florida, which is filled with heavenly palm trees, plenty of sun and surf, but it’s flat as a pancake. As a result, I’ve come to love and be in complete awe of mountains, and take every opportunity to capture those moments.


Tumalo Falls in Bend, Oregon.


Hell’s Canyon between Oregon and Idaho. I am standing in Idaho, with Oregon directly across.

Summer Running
Last, but certainly not least, I’m loving Summer Running. I love the sun beaming on me, wearing shorts and a tank top without shivering, and the crazy tan lines on my arms and legs. I know Summer Running is not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me.


Eleven mile run in the beautiful city of Bend, Oregon.

What are you loving this Summer? Have you used the EveryMove App? What other Apps have you been loving?




5 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. Awesome!! I live where it is really quite warm, and in July the humidity just skyrockets, so it was nice to see a change of view on summer! We tend to not like summer all that much…LOL

    What I’m loving lately is seeing all the sweat I’m producing! There’s one thing about summer that is different than winter – I actually am dripping sweat when I’m done and then I just feel like a total badass! 🙂

  2. I haven’t tried the every move app. I am still new to smartphones and am on strava, but my garmin is not uploading!! arghh. I was on charitymiles, but that app never told me any of my runs actually were donating anything. So YAY for apps that DO donate!
    Summer running is glorious. Especially in the morning!
    Love the shot at Hell’s canyon. That’s one place I want to go that I haven’t been to yet.

    • I heard about charity miles, but my turn off was that you could not manually load them, which I prefer. I don’t like “syncing” apps. I love the diversity of Oregon! It has so many wonderful places to discover and explore.

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