Running Detour

It’s been 17 days since my last half marathon, and I’ve only logged 14.55 miles between those days. For a couple of months now, I’ve had a malingering pain on the heel of my left foot that I have failed to address because the pain was mild. Immediately after my last1/2, the pain went from a 4 to a 7, but I attributed it to the energy I placed going down a hill during the race.

Since I hail from a Latin American lineage of prideful and stubborn women, going to a doctor was not an option. In all honesty, culturally speaking, going to the doctor is usually a life or death situation, and despite the fact I’ve lived in the United States for most of my life, there are certain norms and traditions that are ingrained within my DNA.

After an extensive Internet research, and a self-diagnosis of mild Plantar Fasciitis, I decided to invest on a pair of shoes: Hoka One One Conquest. Let me start off by saying the shoes were expensive ($170), but there was a 30 day money back guarantee, so I figured they were worth trying.


I ran a slow 5K on the treadmill to test out my shoes. I don’t want to review the shoes yet, because I’ve only used them twice, but the heel pain was absent while running.


This past Sunday, I ran a slow 10k outside and I was pleased with the performance of the shoes. My left foot is having a hard time adjusting to the forefoot striking created by the design of the shoe, but I once again ran pain free.


On another note, it’s no longer sunny and warm outside. Fall and Winter are my least favorite seasons of the year, so stepping outside is very challenging. I have a strong aversion to cold weather, and I exhibit less fear running in scorching hot conditions than frigid and windy conditions. The weather is going to be a very big factor I’m going to have to overcome if I want to meet my marathon goal.


Speaking of the weather, the last half marathon of the year within a three hour driving radius occurred this past weekend, and I did not get to participate due to scheduling conflict and my foot. Since I still have not given up on my goal of running a half-marathon every month for 12 months, I signed up for a virtual race where the funds help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. For $25, I get a bib and a medal and need to complete a 5K or a 30k before the end of November. I still have to complete 5 more half-marathons, and they may all have to be virtual half-marathons given the lack of races in my neck of the woods from now until next Spring.

Do races come to a halt during Fall and Winter in your city? Have you ever participated in a virtual race?


8 thoughts on “Running Detour

  1. PF sucks (mild understatement). It’s been an ongoing battle for me. One thing I have found that helps is to roll your feet on a golf ball, roll out your calves and focus on strengthening calves and feet. Sure hope it doesn’t get worse!

  2. I know a lot of people who run in the Hokas and LOVE them. I hope they work out well for you and make running pain-free. ☺ P.S. I absolutely love all of your Oiselle tops. I just ordered the Birds of a Feather long tee, which looks great on you. I hope it fits me that well.

    I don’t know much about virtual races and would love to learn more. Sounds like another way to stay motivated. Races have definitely slowed down in Central Oregon, but there are always the holidays runs (turkey trot, jingle bell run, etc.).

    • You’ll look stunning in your Oiselle top like you do in all your tops 😊

      There are various charitable organizations who hold virtual races in order to raise money for a charitable cause or fundraise for a specific cause. I did a virtual 5k for a mother/daughter team who were raising funds to attend a robotic competition in the state of California that they could not afford. I got a medal for $25, and in return, helped them attend the trip. It was a win-win situation. BTW, I love all your central oregon pictures.

      • That is so cool that there are virtual races out there that raise money for a charitable cause. How do you find out about them? I would love to partake and donate! Thank you (regarding the pictures)… do you ever make it over to the Bend area?

      • My father in law lives in Bend, so we visit a couple times a year. I love Bend, and it’s probably the only city in Oregon I could probably live in for the rest of my life. It’s the perfect-sized city with just the right amount of amenities. I’ll let you know next time we are headed that way. Maybe we can meet up and chat psychology. Or you could tow me for a run (your pace is way faster than mine). Regarding virtual races, I’ve met various coordinators via FB and Google + running groups. Tatjana is a Team in Training fundraiser and she does a good job with virtual races. Her e-mail is She puts on a couple throughout the year. You usually sign up via Active. She sends you a bib, and you pick the day you want to run (there is a time frame to complete the race). You take a snapshot of yourself in action and or your distance, send the picture to her, and she sends you your medal.

  3. I have a pair of Hokas and rotate them with my Brooks. Love them. AS far as racing this time of year, a lot more going on here in Florida since the weather isn’t as hot and humid. I’ve got 3 half marathon coming up as well as at least one or two 5ks before the end of the year.

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