Veteran’s 10K Run, Treadmill Run, and Plenty of Snow


Snow on Thursday Night

The calendar may say it’s Fall, but last night, Mother Nature made it clear she’s running the show. There was about 6-8 inches of snow that fell in my neck of the woods yesterday, and the snow continued covering the ground throughout the night.

Despite the fact snow makes the nights brighter, the streets quieter, and children giddy, I’m like Grumpy Cat – Grumpy.


Alright, enough whining. Despite the fact it’s no longer warm out, I must admit my running has been great.

On Saturday, November 8, my husband and I ran a local Veterans 10k race. The race was coordinated by members of a local private school. Because my husband and I both served in the Armed Forces, our entry was free (what a deal!). Saturday was the first day of the winter vortex we are experiencing, so it was a very chilly 21 degrees at the start of the race. Did I mention we (my husband really) were pushing my two-year-old daughter in the jogging stroller?

My pace for the race was slower than I expected (10:05), but I found it took a good two miles before my muscles warmed up. It also didn’t help the course started with a steep hill. I’m not sure how many runners there were, but there were two station aids and it was very well-marked. Much to my surprise, there were very generous prizes for top three winners and age group winners. All runners received a handmade medal made by students of the local school. I hate to admit I would’ve put forth more effort had I known there were prizes (this is the first local race I’ve run where any awards have been handed). Overall though, I enjoyed the company of other runners on a cold day where my run would have turned into a treadmill run. My daughter though, she cried the entire way and screamed “Put me down. I want to walk.” It was hard to ignore the screams at times.


The finish line of the Veteran’s 10K. I’m holing the hand-made medal and a loaf of pumpkin bread I purchased.

Monday was the 239th birthday of the United States Marine Corps, so I knew I had to go for a run to celebrate. Cold weather running really intimidates me, but despite the fact it was cold and windy, I did not let it phase me because of how I excited I was to run for The Corps. After all, it was the Marine Corps who introduced me to running. I was so proud of myself when I saw that my average pace was 9:31.


This was back when it was the 225th Birthday of the Marine Corps.

I really wanted to workout on Tuesday to honor Veteran’s Day, but my husband had the day off, and we ended up car shopping in a city two hours away from where we live. After spending five hours at the dealership, we left without a car because we felt we could have gotten a better deal.

Wednesday was another one of those days where my body pined for running, so I knew I’d run (on the treadmill) as soon as my daughter napped. Six miles later, I felt sooo good! There was a recent article comparing running outside versus running on the treadmill I found really interesting. The article addresses whether running on a treadmill is easier than running outside. The theoretical answers surprised me. I’m digressing though. My run was incredibly awesome, and my last mile was a comfortable sub 9 mile.


Staying warm indoors and running six miles on the treadmill like it’s still Summer.

Thursday was a brutal Crossfit cross training day that consisted of three different workout with: 90 thrusters (45lbs), 90 pull ups, /90 power cleans (75lbs), 90 dips, / 75 sit-ups, 50 jerk presses, and a 25 calorie row! There were breaks in between the three workouts, but I was wiped out at the end.

It was my intention to do a short run today (Friday), but I’m sore, and it’s cold, and I don’t want to run on the treadmill (excuses). I am planning on doing an 8 mile run tomorrow, so I’m using up all of my excuses today so I won’t have any left tomorrow.

Oh, and my Hoka One One shoes are treating my feet very well. I’m planning on doing a review before the end of the month.

One more “Oh.” On Wednesday morning, my husband received a call from the dealership. The sales person said they would shave an additional six hundred dollars off the vehicles price, and would deliver the vehicle to us so that we could do all of the paperwork in our house. Thus, we ended up getting an amazing deal for a new 4WD (four-wheel drive) vehicle. It was perfect timing, because it snowed the day after we purchased it.


Friday Morning made for a very bright and snowy day.

Has snow fallen in your neck of the woods? Do you enjoy the process of buying a car?


6 thoughts on “Veteran’s 10K Run, Treadmill Run, and Plenty of Snow

  1. No snow here yet! We are chilly though, in the 30s. Hard to say when you ever will get snow in Dallas.

    I dislike the process of buying anything more than you can find at the mall. I let my husband o that work lol

  2. That is cold racing weather!
    I’ve only ran one race with a stroller. It went pretty smoothly , but I tell you it is hard to run with a stroller on a regular basis! It seems the biggest hurdle is just keeping the kiddos contained and happy for the whole run.
    You look beautiful on the treadmill with that sunshine coming in!
    Congrats on getting the car that you wanted at the price you were wanting. My in-laws just bought a new car and they’re giving me their old one. That’s going to be the best car deal I’ve ever had.

    • Today was the first day since last Thursday that the temperature reached the twenties. I don’t like the cold weather by any means, but I’m hoping a lot of my winter training will help me finish strong come May when I run the Eugene Marathon. And yes, you did get a great deal on your car 🙂

  3. The Veterans 10K race sounds like a great local event in your community. I wish we had something like that in Bend. So cool that you and your husband ran it together, and were able to include your daughter as well.

    Congrats on the new vehicle, and just in time for all of the snow and ice!! My husband and I just bought a 4WD Jeep Wrangle and LOVE IT! The car buying process is so easy (almost too easy).

    Thank you and your husband for your service to our country!!

    • Thank you Kristen, it was truly an honor to have served this country I owe so much to.

      Congratulations to you on your sweet vehicle purchase! My husband and I think Jeep Wranglers are awesome vehicles.

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