Feliz Thanksgiving

My day started off with a Crossfit workout, and it was followed by a Bloody Mary my husband fixed. I’m not a fan of Bloody Mary’s, but I do like all of the vegetables, so I ate them and drank very little. Math is an area of weakness, and since today is Thanksgiving, a day in which the cooking process requires specific calculations, I figured I’d play it safe and hydrate with H2O.


Quick and Dirty WOD which began with a one mile warm-up run.



Morning Vegetable and Protein Drink Bloody Mary


I grew up in Miami, FL, which is technically an extension of Latin America, so my Thanksgiving celebration was very non-traditional. In lieu of Turkey, we had chicken. Sides consisted of rice, beans, plantains, and salad marinated with lime and salt. There were no mashed potatoes, or gravy. In fact, the only time we ever ate mashed potatoes with gravy was when we ate at KFC. For the first couple of years we lived in the United States, we had no idea what gravy was. We’d go to KFC and the gravy would come with the mashed potatoes. My family could never figure out how Americans could palate such “thick soup.” Our ignorance was brought into enlightenment when a friend of ours told us gravy was not soup, rather, a “sauce” that was poured over the mashed potatoes. Once we discovered said culinary combo, we were hooked. I also never knew what “stuffing” was until I joined the Marine Corps, where among many things, was introduced to pumpkin pie.


Gobble, Gobble, Gobble. This was our second time cooking the turkey. We brined it for about 15 hours and stuffed it with celery, onions, and carrots.



Boat load of gravy. This was my first gravy creation from scratch! So proud of myself. Never knew how much butter was needed for Thanksgiving recipes. Good thing we only consume gravy once a year.



My husband made pumpkin pie from scratch, including the crust (my favorite part). Not pictured is the whip cream that we whipped ourselves.


This year, we as family stayed home and decided to do all of the cooking. My daughter made the stuffing, my husband made the pies (he’s such an awesome man), and I made the mashed potatoes along with the gravy. It was A LOT of work, but I’m very proud of the fact we spent time together making memories as a family. I’m so thankful for my family, my health, the fact we have an abundance of food, and our health. Happy Thanksgiving!

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?


My two-year-old, my ten-year-old, and yours truly. My hubby is the camera man. Ready to eat Turkey, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, stuffing, mixed vegetables, salad and rolls (not pictured), and pumpkin pie with whip cream for dessert.



Our dog, Jake, participating in the eating festivities. He consumed Turkey Breast and mixed vegetables.



Carving the Turkey.



4 thoughts on “Feliz Thanksgiving

  1. That Bloody Mary looks super delish and fancy. I would devour that bacon. I used to hate Bloody Mary’s but now have an appreciation for them during the morning hours (on special occasions of course).

    It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and meal. Glad you got to spend some quality time with family. ☺

  2. That gravy story is too funny!! Now I’m more curious of your background 🙂
    I’ve never seen a bloody mary with bacon, but my goodness that would be tasty!
    I’m impressed with your hubby’s baking. I made whipped cream and under judged how much bowl I’d need. It was a tasty explosion though!

    • I’m from Nicaragua, and there have been many times in which I’ve thought about writing a “first foreign foods impression” post. It’s fun thinking about our encounters with foods we had never tasted before.

      The Bloody Mary not only included delicious bacon, but it had pickled asparagus, green olives with pimentos, carrots, and celery. I’m still not a big fan of Bloody Mary, but I’m sure I can get used to all the yummy ingredients. Maybe whip cream will win me over 🙂

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