Mission Not Accomplished

This blog began as a way to document my training towards running a half marathon in under two hours. My first post partum half marathon was in March, and it was exhilarating to return to my favorite distance of 13.1. May was my second half-marathon, and it was the course where I was aiming for a sub-2. When that did not occur, and I wanted to continue pursuing my sub-2 goal, I decided I might as well run a half-marathon every month for 12 months until it happened.




October’s half-marathon marked 1/2 marathon number seven for the year,and number six for my goal. And folks, that’s where it ended. My half-marathon streak ended in October. Upsetting. Frustrating. Self-Pity. Jealousy. It was a cycle of various emotions.  I was upset I was not able to accomplish my goal. Frustration was what I felt when I went on a nine mile run and I felt a sharp pain on my left heel. In fact, it was so painful, I could barely walk. Self-pity seeped in when I knew I’d have to admit it on my blog. Jealousy intermingled with both self-pity and frustration when I compared my mileage to those who average a whole lot more per month and seem to be immune to running injuries. Despite my whirlwind of emotions, I know that resting my foot is what is best for me in the long run. I’ve got a Marathon to run in May, and I don’t just want to cross the finish line strong, I actually want to make it to the starting line strong.




Now that I am in the acceptance stage, I’m maintaining physical strength by attending Crossfit classes four days out of the week. Insanity is helping me with my cardio, but I’m only doing it three times a week because I find that more than that hurts my knees. To maintain my sanity, I’m reading, watching Christmas movies, and trying to stay on budget for the month by not overspending on gifts. While I have been tempted numerous times to go for a run, I remind myself that I would like to run for as long as I’m physically capable, so I cannot one run to sabotage the many miles I still have ahead of me. I’m hoping to start running again the third week of December. This will give me the opportunity to rest my foot for four weeks, say goodbye to the year with a few final miles, begin my marathon training, and ring in the new year with a fresh start. Furthermore, I will have 21 weeks to train for my first Marathon of 2015.



What I’m currently reading, thanks to my friend Kim.




We went on the hunt for our Christmas Tree





Decorating our Christmas Tree



10 thoughts on “Mission Not Accomplished

  1. You’re going to get that sub 2. I have no doubt about it! It just might take a backseat to the marathon training, but might even come as a long run DURING marathon training!
    Your tree is beautiful. Don’t know where you get yours, but it must be fun to actually have snow for it.
    Hope the foot is better soon. Maybe an exercise bike would be kind on the knees? Insanity sounds tough!

    • Thanks Raina! I failed to mention it on my post, and failed to make it obvious within my blog, but I FINALLY got my sub-2 back in August. I also wanted to run 12 half marathons in 12 calendar months, but my foot got in the way.

      We got our tree from the Forest (can’t remember name), which was about a 20 minute drive from our house. Because of the elevation difference, it was snowing in the Forest where we cut the tree, but not at our house. Fortunately, we went prepared with the appropriate apparel.

  2. Your tree is so huge!! Nicely done. I love all of the colored lights and candy canes. I can’t put candy canes on my tree anymore because I started to eat them religiously and would OD on sugar. Oh well. ☺ Rest up and get that foot healed. I have no doubt that you will be able to run a sub-2 hour half-marathon this next year. Just focus on rest and recovery. Hopefully, I can be there to cheer for you in May (I’m planning on it, at least).

    Elite Minds = AWESOME book!

    • I take it you’ve read Elite Minds? I should definitely not be surprised since you are definitely an individual with a great mind.

      My 2-year-old and 10-year-old have been eating all of the candy canes, so we might not do candy canes next year. Fortunately for me, sugar is not my weakness. I do however OD on salt and spicy food, and would probably have an unusual tree if I hung pickles, salami, and green olives instead of candy canes 😄.

      I did a poor job mentioning I finally got my sub-2 this year. It was my intent to also complete 12 half-marathons in 12 calendar months, but my self-diagnosed PF got in the way of this goal. Guess I can start again next year.

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