Sitting in the Couch

Let me start this post with a completely random fact about me. Spanish is my native language. While English has become my dominant and preferred language, it is still a foreign language despite the fact I’ve been utilizing it for three decades now. For example, clichés are not in my linguistic repertoire, so I always get them wrong (she searched every crook and nanny). There is one word in particular though that I always get wrong: in (see Title). In the Spanish language, there is no differentiation between in and on, so when I have to use it in English, I have to think about it really hard. Thus, if you read or have read a sentence that doesn’t make sense, please know I’m wired in Spanish.

Friday December 12

My ten-year-old daughter was given a solo to sing for her school’s Christmas Performance. She sang what I think is a challenging song, Silent Night, in front of her peers and the community. My daughter has always enjoyed singing, but she’s never sang a solo, so the worry wart mom in me was extremely…worried. I refrained from sharing my fears with her because I did not want to stress her out. Most importantly, I wanted to trust that she would be okay regardless of how it went. Stressing out is something that comes natural to me, but trusting, that is something that is extremely difficult for me. The night before her performance, I prayed. My prayer was not directed at God asking for my daughter to wow the crowd, instead, I asked God to allow me to show my daughter the right support and encouragement in order to nourish her endeavors without fearing what people may think of her. I recognized my worries and fears stemmed from my own insecurities, and the last thing I want for my daughter is to have her carry the same insecurities I struggle with. I’m not going to lie though, I didn’t exhale until she sang her last note! And oh, how beautiful she sang. There was no reason for me to worry.


Sunday December 14

‘Twas a cold Sunday morning and while sitting at Starbucks drinking water (I occasionally drink decaf coffee, but wasn’t in the mood) I received a text from a Crossfit friend asking if I wanted to run. Given I’m usually the one who is begging people to run with me, I almost jumped out of my seat when someone asked me. There was only one problem though, I hadn’t run in four weeks. What if I was too slow, or had to walk, or couldn’t? In less than a few seconds, I tossed those fears aside and said “Yes!”


All smiles post-run with my friend Bene.

We ran 3.24 miles and it was fantastic! The cold 31 degrees hurt my lungs, but there was a fire within me that embraced the pain after four passing weeks with zero running. Even better, when my friend told me that our average pace was a sub 9, I was beyond content! My Crossfit and Insanity workouts really helped me keep some strength during the four weeks of rest. More importantly, there was no pain on my left heel, which was the catalyst for my running hiatus.

Monday December 15

Monday was rather quite uneventful, and what I was looking forward to the most was my 5:30 Crossfit workout. Mondays are heavy squat day. Instead of back squats, I found myself rushing to pick up my two-year-old off the floor right after lifting an exorbitantly heavy mirror off her body. Upon picking her up, I immediately noticed a bruise on her wrist accompanied with swelling. She kept screaming, “It hurts, it hurts.” Trying to remain calm, I asked her to move her fingers, her wrist, and her arms. She did, but with painful sobbing and giant tears rolling down her eyes. Wearing spandex and a bright yellow tech shirt, my husband and I rushed to the emergency room.


My baby’s hand and her nails that are in need of a fresh coat of polish (she’s two, but she loves getting her nails polished). Her swelling and bruising looked so much worse in person.

The X-Ray came back showing no broken bones and there was nothing but relief flowing through our bodies after the flow of adrenaline rush. The only bad news we were given was that the little one might experience significant pain throughout the night caused by the bruising and swelling. Pain indeed was what she experienced after we left the hospital, and she wasn’t able to rest wasn’t until 2 am.


All smiles when she learned she was going to go home.

Tuesday December 16

All I wanted to do was run. That’s all I wanted. Once my toddler finally gave in and took a MUCH NEEDED nap, I hopped on the treadmill and run my heart out. Because I was so eager to give my lungs a push, I decided to increase my pace on the treadmill every quarter-mile. This translated to nine second increases every 400 meters. My pace began with a ten minute mile, and I was going to complete a total of four miles. Once I started running, I realized I had no idea what my final pace would be, but I figured I’d know once I got there. Another random fact about me, I make up my runs on the whim.

Fantastic! That was exactly how I felt and even though I knew by mile 2.5 that I would eventually hit sub 8 miles, I was not at all intimidated. After huffing and puffing the last 1600 meters, I was absolutely proud of myself!


Happy! Happy! Happy!

Tuesday and Wednesday were both Crossfit days, and Wednesday’s workout was brutal! One of the three workouts included climbing ropes after a sequence of Olympic lifts (Power Snatch). Today, Thursday, I’m sore from head to toe!

How is your Winter training coming along? We’re any curve balls pitched your way by this game we called life?


4 thoughts on “Sitting in the Couch

  1. Learning Spanish is something I REALLY want to do – it’s on my bucket list. I think it is such a beautiful language. My husband speaks it a little and I am always jealous that he can communicate with people who speak the language. That is really interesting about the “in” and “on”. I’m sure most people at least understand what you mean to say. ☺

    I can imagine how you felt with your daughter singing Silent Night as a solo. That is not an easy song. Glad she performed it well and that mom was relieved. 😉

    Glad your little one is ok and wasn’t severely injured in the mirror incident. She actually looks pretty happy in that hospital bed. Lots of attention I’m sure.

    I haven’t had a single sweat since the marathon. After a week off, I got sick and am just now starting to feel better. Perhaps it was my body’s way of forcing me to stop and slow down. I’m sure I start training again next week.

    • You’re such a disciplined person, I’ve no doubt you’ll pick it up easily once you start learning it.

      Her singing, and the fact she seemed very confident while doing it made me a proud mama.

      Yes, the little one was smiling like a cheshire cat once she learned we were going home and definitely relished on how doting we were towards her.

      I thought about you when writing this post, specifically when I mentioned how I go into my runs totally winging it. As I was typing, I thought, “Kristen would never train like this” and I smiled. Sorry to learn you got sick. Hope your “obligatory” time off brings you back stronger.

  2. SOOOOO happy you are back to running without any pain! And that is a fabulous post-vacation pace 🙂 Sometimes we just need the right incentive.
    Sorry about your daughter, but praise GOD she was unbroken. These bruises can be really painful though, so I hope she’s healing well!
    Looks like you are finishing 2014/ starting off 2015 in an exciting way 🙂

    • Hi Raina, it seems like my vacation has really paid off because it has definitely help me come back so much stronger. I’m hoping it will continue further into my training and well into the marathon race itself. Yes, praise GOD there were no broken bones. Her hand is still bruised, but it is no longer swollen, and she’s now jumping off couches, so I’m thinking she’s on the healing path 🙂
      Here’s hoping your 2015 is full of PR’s both on the trail and in your personal life.

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