Marathon Training: Week 6

This is the first time since my running journey began 17 years ago that I ran six consecutive days. Furthermore, this is also the first time since I started running half-marathon distances in 2006 that I’ve trained consistently without missing a run. I’ve always been apprehensive about committing to a training plan for fear of not being able to stick to it or fear of just not being good enough. Thus, I followed the “run whenever I feel like it” training plan in order to save face. While I did enjoy running, I never enjoyed my performance. I always felt like I could do so much better, but I didn’t have enough confidence or the belief I could. How wrong and naive of me to not even have given it a try! How wrong of me to not have given ME the opportunity to be the best me. This time around though, I’m not afraid of the training that will require of me to find out what I’m capable of.

It was Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day, so I decided to run outside on the track and let my daughters play on the bleachers while I ran 20 laps to complete my five miles. Despite the fact the temperature was in the 40’s, the darn wind dropped it to the high 30’s! The only reason why the city I live in does not actually possess the “Windy City” title is because there aren’t as many people living here to claim it. So.OVER.this.wind! Okay, enough whining. My daughters managed to entertain themselves during my run, so it was a win-win for both parties involved. I also wanted to do a Crossfit session, but by the time the afternoon rolled around, my toddler started getting cranky and I thought it was wise to stay home.


Four anti-climactic miles on the treadmill.

Because I cannot seem to consume enough calories throughout the day despite the exorbitant amount of food I ingest, I’ve turn to baking so I can have access to a quick pre and post workout snack. I’m not a baker by any means, but the challenge of practicing patience and the discipline to sticking to the recipe are essential for me. Plus, my patience and discipline pay off once the edible snacks are ready. This week, my favorite snack I baked were my gluten-free and dairy-free banana walnut muffins. They were so good, my little one helped gobble them up.


Six miles. You guessed it. On the treadmill. There’s not much to say, except for I completed the required six miles.

I don’t know if you noticed a “Pay-it-Forward” chain on Facebook at the beginning of the year, but I decided to participate. If you are not familiar with it, you have to do a nice deed for five people sometime during this year. I don’t know where it initiated, but my friend posted on her FB status that she would give/do something during the year 2015 to the first five people who responded with “I’m in.” Those five people then had to post the same status and give/do something to the first five people who commented with “I’m in.” Because I am awful at anything that requires planning and attention to detail, I decided I was going to do something that requires planning and attention to detail for all of my five people. Why? It would test me, and regardless of the aesthetics, it would be something that I put time into. Thus, my gift was an extension of my time and creativity. I’m currently working on designing a lace bracelet for one of my recipients.


Five miles. The treadmill and I are like two peas in a pod.

Four miles. The treadmill and I are like peas and carrots.

Eight miles. Saturday run date with my treadmill. These eight miles, however, were very special. It was Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day. My eight miles were dedicated to one of my friend’s twin daughter, Addy. Addy was diagnosed with Moebius Syndrome, a very rare neurological disorder where the 6th and 7th cranial nerves malfunction. Addy, like most children born with the syndrome, cannot blink (she can close her eyes when she sleeps), cannot move her eyes from side to side, she cannot smile (or make any other facial expression that requires movement of the face) and had to eat food when she was first born via tube because she was unable to suck. While she will be able to do most things a typical person without the syndrome can do, it will be at a slower rate. I always like to run with meaning, and running for Addy made my eight miles significant. Moebius Syndrome also brought into consciousness how the simple act of blinking is actually a tremendously important task that most of us take for granted because we think it’s a given. My run was filled with gratitude and the hope that Addy and many of the children out there will lead normal lives and have access to the help they need to achieve that.


Rest Day. My daughters and I are in need of it. We are fighting some kind of cold and we are sick, sick, sick.


4 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Week 6

  1. Your training is going SO well! Of course you can do it!!
    I had no idea about Moebius syndrome. That would be very hard to live with or parent. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    I spent MLK day at the track too, I believe! Next time we will bring a football.

  2. If you live in a windy city, I could not imagine riding a bike there. Headwinds on bike (or running) = my nightmare. It looks like you get to run on a really nice track. Very pretty scenery and backdrop.

    I saw that pay-it-forward chain on Facebook and think it’s really creative and more personal that you are crafting items for your five people. I would probably go the lazy route, so kudos to you. That bracelet is precious!

    This is the first time I have ever hear about Moebius Syndrome. Wow, that would be very difficult. I hope you are feeling better. Good that you listened to your body and took a rest day!

    • The wind here is awful indeed. Fortunately, I have company on my long runs and it makes bracing the wind more bearable. This was the first time I ran on that track, and I noticed that the scenery is actually nice. I look forward to running there more often when the weather is warmer.

      If you’d like me to make you one of the bracelets let me know. I would be more than happy to make one for you.

      Feeling much better now and hoping I won’t have to deal with any more colds for the rest of the year.

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