Marathon Training: Week 8 and 9

I am behind on my blogging duties, but not behind on my training duties. Nine weeks have passed and I am still as eager to complete every training run now as I was when I started nine weeks ago.

Since I need to squeeze two weeks worth of training, this post might be good for curing insomnia, but I promise I’ll try to make it where you will fall asleep without worrying about my writing giving you nightmares.

Marathon Training Week 8

Monday (2/2)

Ran 6.25 miles during lunch, followed by a Crossfit session prior to dinner time. Heavy back squats. Not much excitement.

Tuesday (2/3)

Five miles on the treadmill and my legs were sore. It was a good sore though. Crossfit in the afternoon.

Wednesday (2/4)

Seven miles on the treadmill, 3 which included running at half marathon pace. I was not sure what my half marathon pace should feel like since the last time I ran one was in October and I was recovering from the flu. Took a wild guess and did an 8:41 pace. Remained in that pace for all three miles and I felt good about myself. Continued my training with Crossfit in the afternoon.

Thursday (2/5)

Five miles on the treadmill and then Crossfit in the afternoon.

Friday  (2/6)

Four easy miles.

Saturday (2/7)

I was ready for ten miles. My clothes, my shoes, my energy gels, my hydrating equipment, and my Garmin were all set-up for me to use when my alarm was supposed to go off at 5:20 in the morning. Only problem was, I set my alarm to go off at 6:20, a whole hour after I was supposed to be awake. To make matters worse, my running partner made it to my house around 5:50 am so that we could take off running at 6:00 am, and that did not happen. I called her at 6:20 and asked her if she was still interested. Fortunately she was a good sport and agreed to run seven miles with me, the amount of miles I could get away running outside so that I could make it back home in time for my husband to make it to work by 8:00 am. I felt great running outside. The weather was perfect (no wind and above freezing) and despite rushing to get ready, I felt physically strong.

However, seven miles was not going to cut it, so after saying thank you to my friend Sarah, and planting a see-you-later kiss on my husband’s lips, I mustered on to the treadmill and sluggishly ran the three remaining miles. This transition was more difficult than I could put into words. It was as if there was no gravity to hold me up. I seriously felt like my lungs were the size of peas and I just could not breathe. I wanted to stop after the first mile, but I kept pushing through. This was the first run where I doubted my goal of running a 4:20 marathon, and it did not feel good.


All smiles after squeezing in seven miles. I did not look like this after running the remaining 3 miles on the treadmill.

Marathon Training Week 9

Monday (2/9)

Five miles after a heavy back squat Crossfit session. This run was tough.

Tuesday (2/10)

Six miles and I tried to run hard because I ate two LARGE chocolate bars my daughter is selling for a school trip fundraiser and I felt gross after consuming them.

Wednesday (2/11)

Six miles on the treadmill and I felt much better this time around than the previous day.

Thursday (2/12)

Five miles that never happened. I was extremely stressed out about the upcoming half marathon race on Saturday. I was questioning whether I should run the race or not. If I did run the race, should I “race” or just use it as a long slow run? It was also a busy day and in the end, I just didn’t have enough time or energy to run them. There was a bit of guilt in my failing to have a perfect running week, but I had to remind myself I wasn’t perfect.

Friday (2/13)

It was supposed to be four miles, but I decided to make-up the five miles I failed to do on Thursday instead. Let me just start by saying, IT WAS AWFUL.

I began to run the first mile on the treadmill, and I just could not do it. So I stopped. My husband, who asked for the day off encouraged me to run outside. I went outside and ran the remaining four miles and they were no better. Don’t have clue why or what was going on, but I just could not seem to get down the mechanics of my running motion down. Once again, I felt heavy and extremely lethargic. It was demoralizing, because the only thing lingering was the race happening on Saturday. I was trying really hard to not allow my dismal performance on this run define what tomorrow’s run would look like. A horrible run on Saturday would definitely taint my training. I was so afraid, I really wanted to skip the half marathon.


One of my favorite barns that always salutes me while I am out on my run.

Saturday (2/14)

Run 4 Luv Half-Marathon – 13.1 miles.


2 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Week 8 and 9

  1. I look forward to reading your training blogs, Luisa. It reminds me a little of my years as a youth in competitive swimming. Even as a 10-13 year old, some days I felt like I was Forrest in the pool, that I could swim forever and was flying through the water; other days I felt like lead. I think this holds true for all living creatures. There are good days and bad days even though you’ve been true to your training regimen, food intake, rest, attitude, etc. It’s not an exact science. You’re doing great, Luisa, and I admire your discipline. Well done!

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