Marathon Training: Week 13

It’s been thirteen weeks, and I must admit something: I am feeling physically and mentally fatigued. Fortunately, my weeks remaining are dwindling down, so I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now that I have eight marathon training weeks left.


Four miles at an easy pace. I also did heavy back squats in the afternoon. It was my intent to go light, but I felt like I would be cheating myself from muscle growth, so I went heavy. Heavy for me was 130 pounds. I was also, for the first time in two weeks, wearing a pair of new shoes: Brooks Transcend. I won’t be haste in forming an opinion with just one run, but they allowed me to run without Achilles and or plantar foot pain.

Brooks Transcend. I am really hoping this pair of shoes will solve my foot dilemma. My favorite pair of shoes have actually been Brooks Adrenaline. I should have stuck with them. If these continue to allow me to run without plantar and or heel pain, they will be keepers.


Six miles. My back squats ended up hurting me on this run. In fact, I was so sore, I had to walk after every mile. What was supposed to be an easy six mile run turned into an arduous mental run. The idea of quitting crossed my mind hundreds of times. But I had to remind myself that sometimes, running is all about crossing the finish line, even if it means crawling across it.


Five Miles. They were slow and my legs felt so much better than they did on Tuesday’s run. Although, I was still paying the price for heavy back squats, I managed to to finish my run with less mental and physical pain. Since I did not get enough of heavy back squats on Monday, I decided to do a set of heavy front squats on Wednesday afternoon. Back squats are easier than front squats, so my weight reps were made up of 120lbs versus 130lbs.

Front squats at 120lbs. When I first started doing Crossfit, I was extremely intimidated by this bar. In a way, I a still am, but I’ve learned to face my fear by literally lifting it off the ground.


Eight Miles. I was afraid of this run, mostly because of the heavy front squats I had performed the night before. Much to my surprise, my legs felt great, and I averaged under 9 minute miles for all eight miles! This run was redemption for Tuesday’s run.

Sweaty selfie with my homie (the treadmill).


Four miles. Spent 40 minutes getting the toddler and the dog ready so that I could run outside pushing the toddler in the stroller and run the dog. The dog and the toddler were tame, but the wind – Ay, ay, ay!  There were over 20 mph winds and I had to refrain from swearing like a sailor due to the presence of the little one. This was a run full of resistance training.


Seventeen Miles. Woke up on Saturday feeling completely irritable. It didn’t help when I looked outside my window and saw dark skies, rain, and WIND! Thoughts of skipping my long run entered my mind. Thoughts of postponing my run entered my mind. Thoughts of running half the distance on the treadmill entered my mind. I honestly did not want to face the wind. But this long run wasn’t just for my marathon training. My seventeen miles were to honor my grandma’s life.

August of 2002, the first time my grandmother met, and was smitten with, my husband.

My grandmother passed away on January 11, 2013, two months shy from what was supposed to be her 93rd birthday. My seventeen miles were to celebrate the 36 years she spent giving me unconditional love. My grandmother always prayed for my safety, well being, and to make sure I was always surrounded by people who would help me follow the right path. She always had a plate of warm food ready for me when I got home from school. She took care of me when I was sick and walked me to school every morning from the first grade on to the fifth grade. There wasn’t a moment in my life where I doubted  my grandmother’s love for me. Losing her has been very painful for me, because in a way, my grandmother was like my mother. She helped raise me and gave me emotional and physical affection. They say time heals all wounds, but the pain I felt the day I saw her coffin slowly descent into her final resting place is the same pain I still feel when I think about her today. I’ve  no doubt when the day comes I will be taking my final breaths of life, the memories of my grandmother will definitely play before me, and they will continue to do so as I continue my journey of life.

Thought about my grandmother and all of the hardships she endured. She was illiterate and limited by employment opportunities. She washed and ironed clothes, swept and mop floors in order to find ways to feed her children. The father of her children abused alcohol and did very little for the family. She buried her oldest and youngest sons within nine days of each other’s deaths. She gave up all she ever possessed and left behind her country so that we could all move to the United States and get the opportunities she only dreamed of having.

Weekly Miles: 44

Monthly March Miles: 88

My friend Sarah ran a 5k earlier in the morning, and she joined me for 13 of my 17 miles. I was so glad to have shared such a special Saturday run with her.


4 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Week 13

  1. Wow, you are putting in some serious mileage! And having the long run time to reflect on your grandmother’s life and goodness makes it a special meditative time. It sounds like she is the kind of person who is missed by many because of her strengths in life.

    • Thank you so much for reading. It was definitely a special moment for me to reflect and be in so much awe of the life she had. All of us grandchildren miss her dearly.

  2. Aww, I love that memories of your Grandma helped push you through a very difficult long run. It’s good to face those moments of struggle during our training and to have something bigger and more important than the run itself to help guide us through. For me, when there is a great purpose, that’s when I learn the most about myself and fall in love with running all over again.

    Great week of training! I’m glad that your new shoes arrived and seem to be working out for you so far. Hopefully they make your feet and legs happy! Keep up the good work.

    • I agree about your assessment related to running. I love running because it gives me so much gratitude even during times in which I am feeling sorry for myself. Running reminds there is always something to be grateful for.

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