Marathon Training: Week 14

This week was considered a recovery week. It basically means 4 out of my 6 runs were meant to be slow, and I was rather content for it. Last week’s long run (17 miles) was the furthest distance I’ve run in over 3 years, and they made for sore glutes, hamstrings, calves, and feet. With fourteen weeks down, I have seven more weeks left of training and a 20 mile run ahead. 

Monday Four recovery miles on the treadmill. My legs were still pretty sore from Saturday’s run, so this was definitely a slow run. I’ve been doing Crossfit consistently on Mondays, which is usually leg day (heavy squats), but I thought it was prudent to allow my legs some down time in order for them to fully recover. Decided to skip leg day, and I’m confident my legs will thank me. 


Seven and a half miles. Last week this same day, I felt drained and mentally fatigued. This week, I tackled this run with so much more energy and in a better state of mind. Thus, my seven miles went fantastic and my legs definitely felt better. It is my only hope come race day, I will feel this energetic. I’m learning to put nothing but positive images in my mind of what race day is going to look like and making every attempt to block out the negative ones that seep in. Positive thinking with the mind, and I know the body will follow.



Five recovery miles. Took it easy on this run as well. The only torture was the fact I was running on the treadmill and the sun was shining brightly outside with temperatures in the 60’s. I would have loved to run outside, but my husband had to travel outside of the city and I did not want to tackle my run with a toddler who hates the jogging stroller and a dog who gets distracted by the simplest form of movement. I followed my five mile run with two sixty second planks outside.



Eight HARD miles. The first two miles were warm-up miles and then I had to complete 6×800 meter sprint sessions. Oh Lord, those were painful! I was so relieved when the final 800 meter sprint came! 

About an hour after my run, I attended a Wildtree Party. If you’ve not heard of Wildtree, they are a company that specialize in herbs and spices. A Crossfit member is a representative, and she hosted the party. I paid her $79 and in return I received 10 different jars with herbs and spices.


Prior to the day of the party, I prepared 10 different freezer protein meals that we would season at the party. This particular party was a Paleo party, so all ten meals had proteins. The Wildtree representative gives you a list of all the ingredients and instructions on how to prepare them. Most of these meals were filled with onions, carrots, and zucchini. In hindsight, I may have added too many onions. I cried for about 20 minutes straight chopping five onions. 


Every participant takes their freezer bags in a cooler to the party and the Wildtree representative hands you your spices and tells you what spices go in each bag. I didn’t feel like taking a cooler, so I only took the bags with chopped veggies in them. Later, when I got home, I placed the proteins in their respective bag and stored them away in my microscopic freezer!



Four recovery miles. There isn’t much to write about here.


Fourteen miles. These fourteen miles were slow and completely boring. Plus, I did them in the middle of the day because my husband had to work Saturday morning and he arranged to watch our daughters through lunch and he’d then take them to his office until I was done. The weather was okay, but by Saturday, I was exhausted and ready for rest day.

Weekly Miles: 41

March Monthly Miles: 129


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