Passing the Time

Now that my life no longer revolves around the preparation of running 26.2 miles no thanks to my plantar fascia rupture, I’ve been trying to keep my sanity in a variety of ways.


If I can’t run 26.2 miles, I might as well lap my couch with Netflix marathons. Sometimes Netflix is way off in its suggestions of what I may enjoy, so when Gran Hotel was one of the suggested series, I hesitantly pressed play. I don’t know if I should say fortunately or unfortunately, but I was HOOKED!! In fact, in the two and a half days it took me to watch the 42 episodes, I averaged 4 hours of sleep and only moved away from the television when it was completely necessary. Much to my disappointment though, the final season is not being offered, so I was left hanging and hoping Netflix comes to its senses before I go out of mine.

Gran Hotel is a spanish series (english subtitles) filled with passion, intrigue, romance, sabotage, and images that totally captivate you. I give it 10 stars!


With each day that passes by, I feel like I’m transforming into the blob and all of the training is evaporating into the ozone layer. I’ve been trying to maintain some of my cardio by rowing. There are days where 10,000 meters feels like a breeze, and other days where I cannot fathom rowing even 100 meters. But, row I must if I want to return to running without feeling like my lungs have collapsed. 

I’ve posted this picture before, but I’ve not taken too many rowing pictures.

Juice Concoctions

I’m still trying to figure out my grandmother’s beet and chia juice recipe. On my last attempt, I blended beets with water, chia seeds, and a squeeze of lime to counter the earthy flavor and it was nothing worth bragging about. This time around, I added carrots, strawberries, apples, and used orange juice instead of water. One thing I learned is how much effort juicing requires when you don’t have an expensive juicer. Because I only have a blender, I had to manually strain the pulp with a colander, and it took ages to squeeze out 8 ounces of juice! And to think my grandmother used to make a gallon of the beet and chia juice! These realizations make me love her even more and wish I could somehow have her with me so I can give her a big hug and tell her how much I love her.

Juicing is hard work!!! By the time I strained the glass pictured, I only had 1/2 the quantity.


I’m not much of a drinker, but I do enjoy an occasional adult beverage here and there. While I’m partial to margaritas, I don’t particularly care for the effect they have on my brain the morning after. Anyhow, the week I started hobbling on my foot, a local grocery outlet had a 20% discount to their already reduced priced bottles of wine. Since I figured unwinding my stressed out brain was worth a little splurge, I went ahead and purchased a dozen. My husband was rather pleased with my investment and we have been enjoying a glass of wine while feasting on Netflix shows once our offspring are finally in bed. I’ve discovered that Pinot Noirs are my favorite and prefer them over whites. Salud!

Looks like my dishwashing skills need a little help. These are my favorite wine glasses from my favorite non-race of Fueled by Fine Wine.


My two-year-old will be starting pre-school this fall, and we have been investing time helping her learn the alphabet. We have been using flashcards to assist with letter and sound recognition and so far she recognizes about 50% of the alphabet. She makes me proud.

She was oppossed to having me take her picture.


My 11-year-old has been begging me this past year to enroll her in gymnastics. The guilty mom in me wants to enroll her, but since the closest gymnastics center is an hour drive, the realist in me says “no.” Thus, I’m completely cognizant that this may end up being one of those things my daughter may resent me for sometime in the near future. While I don’t find pleasure in negating the desires of physical challenges to one of my daughters, especially because gymnastics was something I really wanted to do as a little girl (but knew without a doubt that was something my mother would never support because of finances and extracurricular activities were a foreign concept), it is a bit too taxing to invest a two hour commute for what may be a short-term interest. It’s a gamble I guess, but gambles seem to be a part of the parenting role. I do hope someday she finds it in her heart to forgive me should her resentment grow stronger. For now, I appreciate her tenacity and enjoy witnessing the various physical movements I wish I could perform.

Cheering my little self-taught gymnast!

Have you ever had an injury or a temporary detour during training? What do you do to keep your fitness level and your sanity?


5 thoughts on “Passing the Time

  1. Keep your chin up, stay off that foot, and your foot bandaged (or whatever the doctor recommended) so it heals as quickly as possible. There’s a bigger race in the future. Me? I highly recommend a little vino, especially while watching something intriguing on your big screen. Kudos to little Sabrina learning her abc’s; and Samantha appears to have the balance and flexibility required for gymnastics. She’s still really young; and in a few years if you guys move back to a larger urban center and she’s still interested, you can take another look into it. Hugs to all.

    • Thank you so much Hope’s hearth. My daughters are my sunshine, and I really believe my life would be very gloomy without them. They do make me proud.

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with TV shows that suck me in and get me addicted (more love than hate). Sounds like a great alternative use of time while you are recovering and letting your foot heal. It seems like things are going well and that you have been able to focus on other things around the house. Oh, how I do miss wine.

    When I am recovering from an injury and can’t exercise, I pay more attention to my nutrition and am more aware of my eating habits. When exercise is minimal, I like to walk a lot or bike. Whatever feels good, really. The rowing machine sounds like a good way to stay in shape and get in a good sweat. I have never used a rowing machine before, but I bet it provides a great core and upper body workout!

    Have you had time to re-evaluate and plan for the summer?

    • I remember wanting a margarita really bad when I was pregnant and mostly it was simply because I couldn’t have it. So I totally understand your pining for wine.

      There is a local and small half-marathon that I’d like to run. I’m also running a Ragnar relay in June and I’m really praying my foot will no longer be an issue by then.

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