Summer Training Potpourri

My training since I last blogged (apparently it’s been a while) has been more consistent than my blogging abilities. Let’s just say Summer has been a busy month, and sitting down and typing my current affairs have been placed on the back burner.

The coast in the background and a moment alone with my amazing husband.

Since my participation in Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back, I have ran another Relay – Northwest Passage. There will be an upcoming post rating the experience, but for now, it’s only a draft. My first half-marathon (Catherine Creek Half Marathon) since my injury is this upcoming weekend and I am rather scared and excited about the event. It will be interesting to see how perform given it’s only been about two months since I started running again due to my plantar fascia rupture. The Catherine Creek Half-Marathon was the half where I finally broke under two hours last Summer. It is my hope to finish strong, but most importantly, I will be just happy to finish considering I did not toe the starting line of Eugene Marathon. This year, a good friend of mine will be racing Catherine Creek as well and I am hoping she can set a PR!

Here is a run down of what my training for Marine Corps Marathon looks like:

Trail Runs

Working the trails at 5:30 am!

I’ve falling in love with trail runs. They are definitely challenging, but I feel they are a deviation from the concrete runs I had while training for Eugene Marathon. In the last month I have been running trails, I’ve definitely felt like it has improved my running pace as well as sculpt my calves, quads, and hamstrings. Even better, my foot, which was given me trouble when I started running, is loving the dirt path over the hard pavement. Overall, I’m really enjoying getting up early in the  morning and breathing in the fresh air and being enveloped by the beautiful scenery. So far, my longest run has been a 10k, but I am hoping I can increase that distance within time.

Up in the morning with the Oregon Sun.

Relay Races

When an opportunity presented itself for Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage with my husband, I immediately jumped on it! Running on the same team with my husband in the state of Washington for a relay was exhausting, but it was so worth it. I love running as much as I love my husband, so being able to share this experience with him (and without our daughters) was such a memorable occasion for me. In Wasatch, I barely ran 12 miles for my total distance. In Northwest Passage, I ran over 20 miles! It was a strong run for me and it boosted my confidence that perhaps I can start training harder for my Marine Corps Marathon and my foot injury may finally be behind me. I’ve got one more relay race ahead of me, – Elkhorn Relay August 7 and 8 – and once that relay is over, my long distance runs in the double digits will commence.

At the finish line of our 200-ish mile journey with my wonderful husband. Running together is a rare occasion for us, so this moment was very significant for me.


Surrounded by the majestic views Eastern Oregon in Wallowa State Park on the Aneroid Trail Lake.

This past Sunday, we spontaneously hiked Aneroid Lake Trail,  a beautiful trail in Wallowa Lake State Park. The roundtrip distance was 12 miles, and it was pretty exhausting to do with a two-year-old, an 11-year-old, and a beagle. There was an elevation gain of over 2,500 feet, which made for a challenging climb (for the young ones). Because it took us 3 hours and 20 minutes to get to Rogers Lake, .5 miles short of Aneroid Lake, and it was already 6:30 pm, we decided to head back out before the trail was completely dark. Our way down was so much faster, as our return only took us 2 hours and 15 minutes; enough time to make it out before darkness blanketed the trail. We are definitely interested in returning before Summer ends, but we would like to start the hike much earlier in the day. By the end of the hike, we were all exhausted! Because I had a challenging nine mile run the day before, my knees were definitely feeling the climb and the descend.

The combination of water, trees, skies…just stunning.

Summer has been busy so far. We’ve grilled, swam, hiked, visited family, stayed up late, and slept in. The mornings have gotten a little cooler, and even though we still have at least another six weeks of Summer remaining, it makes my gut ache thinking that this will soon come to an end and the dark, cold, gray days of winter will soon be creeping in. It is my intent to soak up as much vitamin D and heat as I possibly can.

How have your summer days been filled? Have you hiked any trails?


4 thoughts on “Summer Training Potpourri

  1. I’m with you on how short summer seems vs months of fall/winter/spring, which seem to all roll into one season of darkness, cold and wet. I’ve always felt the same way, and I’m born, raised and lived in Oregon for 60+ years. Looking after the girls so you and Chris could enjoy your Ragnar Relay in Washington was our blessing. Danny and I really enjoyed having Samantha and Sabrina here for aquarium adventures, water play, and sharing time with their Aunt and Uncle and cousins. The only drawback is the lack of travel time, time to visit and the full family experience. We’re always left wanting more! We adore you, the sharing of your successes, “agony of de feet” and love of the outdoors with Chris and the girls. Thank you for including me on your adventures, the runs, hikes, ups and downs, both literal and figurative. Hugs.

  2. That’s great that you are staying so active and busy throughout the summer. I know what you mean about soaking in as much vitamin D as possible. The summer sun just feels SO good!

    That is awesome that you have been hitting the trails and are doing more trail running. I always find that running on the trails improves my road running significantly. It definitely works the muscles differently and you mentally have to be “on” all the time, keeping an eye out for rocks, branches, roots, etc. There is a certain peace and quiet that comes with trail running too – something about being out in the middle of nowhere. ☺

    The Willowas are on my places to visit list. I have driven by them, but haven’t spent much time there. That sounds like quite the hike you went on with the kids. How did they hold up?

    • The kids help up okay. We were all hungry, so our motivation to get to the top of the lake was on the high end. My older daughter, in particular, appreciated the meal she consumed more than any other meal she’s ever had. Hunger pains are hard to forget.

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