Merry Kalikimaka

Life has been busy but good. For the first time in ten years, I’ve celebrated a Holiday with one of my family members.  My youngest sister, who is a traveling nurse and was working in California, came to visit me for Thanksgiving. It was truly magical and memorable. We shared many Oregon memories with her. She was a trooper for putting up with below freezing temperatures and always going along with the flow. Despite the fact she only spent ten days with us, they were significant enough for me to miss her when I dropped her off at the airport. This past Thanksgiving gave me so much to be thankful for. 


Obligatory snow fun at Anthony Lakes with my youngest sister and the family.


Running is still very much a part of my agenda. Whether it may be fortunately for some, or unfortunately for others, a lot of my miles have been logged on the treadmill this year. Even though the treadmill gets a bad reputation, it has been very good to me.This upcoming January will be my treadmill’s sixth year anniversary. I still recall the moment it arrived; January 2010, in a large box, heavy, and disassembled. At the time, my husband was in Iraq, it was my first year practicing as a Licensed School Psychologist, my oldest daughter had started her first year of public school, I was traumatized over hosting (and kicking out) a foreign exchange student from H-E- double hockey sticks, and I felt COMPLETELY ALONE. The treadmill was supposed to help me train for the Newport Marathon given I was single parenting. Well, ten miles was the most I ever logged during that marathon training, and with a finish time of 5:43 minutes, it was symbolic of the extremely painful year I had endured.

Me time with my homey. My treadmill has been good to me.

Finally FINISHED my online class I was taking {that was keeping me completely busy and hence away from blogging} and got an A-. There was an assignment that I was just not motivated enough to attempt (Venn Diagram – my brain had a hard time conceptualizing the task at hand) and therefore did not get the A+ I may have earned. S’ok though, the grade is reflective of the amount of work I put into it and I cannot be upset about it. Juggling the demands of younger human beings while attempting to work, pursue personal running goals, and maintain my professional license, is way more exhausting than I remembered it to be when I was doing it six years ago. Perhaps that was the reason a ten mile treadmill long-run was the best training I could do for the Newport Marathon. The busy work though has not deterred me from achieving a very important long-term goal: earning my Ph.d. I don’t know when it will happen, but IT WILL!


Speaking of goals, the new year is coming, and we all know the start of a new year is an opportunity to turn a new leaf, dust-off cobwebs, and embark on a new journey. Frankly, I don’t have any goals right now. Does my lack of ambition self-analysis suggest a life void of any meaning? I sure hope not. The only goal I have right now is to survive WINTER, figure out how to be an ideal mom for an 11-year-old who is embarking on her own journey of self-identity, be more patient with a stubborn three-year-old, and less fearful of what the future may hold.


How do you handle the closure of the Holidays? What are some of your goals for the upcoming New Year?

This is where God wants me.