That’s a Wrap!

One-thousand three-hundred and fifty-three miles: the amount of miles I ran in 2015! These have been the most miles I have run in a given year, and I am hoping to log many more for 2016. If I remain injury-free, I should be able to reach 1,500 miles for 2016. However, because I am more interested in remaining physically healthy, I prefer not to make miles a running goal. Thus, if I run less in 2015, but manage to remain injury-free, I shall be content. Here is a look back of some of my favorite moments of 2015:

January – Made the decision to start “believing” in myself and committed myself to train hard and step outside my comfort zone in order to perform my very best in the field of running.

February – Half-Marathon PR in the Run 4 Luv Half-Marathon on Valentine’s Day (1:50:25). I had no idea I would PR, so when I crossed the finish line seven minutes faster than my previous PR, I was completely shocked.


March – Celebrated my 38th birthday and ran my first 20 miler since summer of 2011! It was a fantastic run, and gave me a confidence boost that I would be able to break 4:20 goal for Eugene Marathon. I also ran 190 for the month of March, the MOST miles I have ever logged in a single month.


April – Ruptured my plantar fascia and experienced disappointment and heart ache like I had never experienced before. Because I could barely walk, I had to drop out of Eugene Marathon and dig deep to not fall into a trench of self-pity.


May  – Celebrated Mother’s Day with my family and ran 1.2 miles for the first time in five weeks.

June – Ran my first Ragnar Relay with the Oiselle Team in Utah. This was my first solo getaway since 2012! It was refreshing to get away for the first time and enjoy a running escapade with 11 completely different strangers.


July – Officially started training for the Marine Corps Marathon and ran my second Ragnar Relay. This time though, I ran alongside my husband in the state of Washington.


August – Went back to work after staying home with my youngest daughter for two years and ran my third (and final) Relay (Inaugural Elkhorn Relay). I also ran my second half-marathon (Catherine Creek Classic) of the year with my friend Kim, who visited me from Portland.

September – Liberated myself from the chains of resentment, pain, and bitterness that I had been carrying with me and forgave my mother. Out of all the things that happened in 2015, this was the MOST LIFE CHANGING for me. It allowed me to see my mother as completely different person. Furthermore, forgiving my mother gave me grace as a mother myself. I know I will never be perfect, but I don’t have to beat myself up when I am not the ideal mother I strive to be.

October – Hello 26.2! Toed the starting line and Crossed the finish line of Marine Corps Marathon in 4:13! It was a thirty minute PR and I got to run honor my running journey by running with MARINES. I also got to explore the magnificent history of Washington D.C. with the family.


November – Spent Thanksgiving with my youngest sister, Angela, who visited me from Florida. This was the first time I spent Thanksgiving with one of my family members since 2005! She endured the coldest Thanksgiving she has ever celebrated.

December – Gratitude and more gratitude. The year was good to me. Despite my injury, and not being able to complete Eugene Marathon, I had an abundance of experiences to be thankful for.


2 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap!

  1. That is so smart of you to focus on the quality miles vs. quantity miles. I know a few people who try to run as many miles as possible and then end up injured… I used to have a mindset that if I were to run more, I would be a better runner. But, this is absolutely not the case. It’s all about quality miles – making them count! ☺

    You really had a great year! Look at how far your running has come…

    I am thinking about running the Eugene Half Marathon this year. Perhaps you should join me! ☺

    • That’s why I like you, because you always take the smart approach to everything you tackle.

      If you are really thinking about running Eugene Half-Marathon, I would love to join you!! I mean, it’s not like I would be able to keep up with your speedy legs, but I would definitely try and keep up with you the first 30 seconds.

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