Looking for a Reason

Wanted: Ideal Half-Marathon

Half-marathon race sometime before April and a little after February. Temperatures must be pleasant, with little to no wind at all, preferably in the high fifties to low 60’s. Sunshine would make it ideal, but will settle for partly cloudy. If at all possible, please refrain from raining. High humidity need not be present, but will tolerate a minuscule amount. Course must be flat, but small rolling hills are acceptable. Plenty of portable bathrooms at the start line and if at all possible, throughout the course. Water throughout the course is also a must. Participants must be capped at 300 or less so that there isn’t elbow bumping or back-tracking. Medals, water, fruits, and carbs at the end of the meal are a plus. Tech shirts are okay, but not necessary. Finally, willing to spend no more than $75 on registration fees.

My ad makes me sound like such a fair-weather runner. Speaking of fair-weather though, I have become so much more assertive about facing the freezing temperatures and getting my tropical butt outside the door. While I would like to consider myself an individual who is capable of facing her fears, running in freezing temperatures just scares the heck out of me. I don’t know if it’s the physical discomfort, the fact it is ALWAYS windy where I live (making the discomfort even higher), or the amount of time it takes to layer and head out the door. Whatever the reason, the plunging temperatures have kept me indoors logging countless miles on the mill – that is, until this week. Decided not to overthink my last two runs, layered up, and ejected myself out the door. Strangely enough, despite my fears, both of my runs were absolutely spectacular! There is hope for me yet! Yeah, baby.


Mediocre ninja-runner

Resolutions are not my thing, not only because I am more unpredictable than the seven day forecast, but also because I tend to have ongoing [ever-changing] goals throughout the year given my fickle nature. Even though I have become rather proficient in my running because of my highly useful training journal, I still like to leave my personal life planner EMPTY. Life is already complex enough in my head to have every single one of my weekends completely filled. Nonetheless, despite me saying I don’t do resolutions, I did make two running goals. They are neither exciting nor revolutionary, but they are enough of a challenge for me that they are worth striving for.


Goals for 2016

 Unlike last year, where I questioned the possibility of breaking a 4:20 marathon, this year, I actually BELIEVE my goals are attainable. While I will never be as confident as USAIN BOLT about my running skills, I know with hard work and a solid training plan, I can run or possibly break a 4:00 hour marathon. The half-marathon might be a little bit more challenging, but I am willing to invest time into it and find out just how so.


This Book! Made me cry. It broke my Spirit but also filled me with courage and hope.

The real challenge for me came on Monday, when going back to work after two weeks off was mentally tough. I spent the entire day Sunday WORRYING and playing scenarios of how Monday could go wrong and I was overwhelmed with anxiety. And then I remembered reading The Nightingale, and realized I just needed a little perspective to remind me my life IS good. The story reminded me that going back to work was going to be okay. That I could do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. Monday came, I exhaled, I survived, and I made it a memorable day by doing 100 hundred walking lunges with weights right after the work day was done. It’s been three days, and my glutes, hamstrings, and quads are still sore. This is then the perfect opportunity for me to get my butt off the couch and stretch.


This picture of my dog Jake makes me smile like a Cheshire cat.

How is your New Year? Are you a resolutions person? Have you read a great book that gave you the perspective you needed to get out of a funky mood?



10 thoughts on “Looking for a Reason

  1. I had the same anxiety about going back to work, I actually spent a lot of my holiday willing the days to go by slower. Thankfully redirecting my mind to focus on my blog, running and family I was able to get myself out of the funk in time to enjoy the days off.

  2. I am going for the same running goals too! I’ll be going for a 3:xx at the NYC marathon in November. Do you know yet which full you’ve got your eye on for 2016?

    • That’s awesome you’re doing NYC! I don’t think there’s anyone who has run it that has anything negative to say about it. It is definitely on my Marathon dream list. I have a couple local summer ones in mind, but truthfully, none of them excite me. I need to make up my mind so that my training can seem a bit purposeful.

      • Well, the lottery for NYC is open for the next month if you want to try your odds! It’s my hometown marathon and I ran it back in 2013 but I’m excited to run it again. One day I hope to run a race in Oregon, I loved our visit to Portland last fall. Good luck with finding your fall race!

  3. You totally look like an accomplished winter weather runner! NINJA!!! Unfortunately, I don’t know of any half marathons around here before April. You might have to fly down to one of the warmer destinations. I know there are a lot of runs in Arizona, Florida, Texas…☺ So far away.

    I absolutely think you have the ability to run a sub-4:00 marathon and sub-1:45 half marathon. The course will make a big difference, so choose wisely. I honestly recommend the California International Marathon. The course is wonderful and can easily be a PR course for many runners (it was for me!). Have you thought about what you might do?

    • I found one 🙂 It is aptly titled the Oregon Winter Half-Marathon. I’ve not considered the California International Marathon because I thought it was a lottery. I need to check it out. A race in Arizona, Florida and Texas sounds nice and warm, which is just how I like it 😊.

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