After hours of searching the internet for a half-marathon race, I think I finally found one. I’ve thrown in the towel trying to find the perfect race. When you live 4.5 hours from the closest major city in your state, you’ve got to just accept what you can get.

Living in a small town sometimes makes me feel like I’m castaway off on a remote island. I can only get out though if I remain positive.

The race is actually next weekend, which is not a shocker at all given last minute sign-ups are my preferred registration methods.  Because the race is one four race in a race series, the price is the same regardless of whether you sign up the first day, or the last day, so the $75 fee ($81 with with darn registration fees), while steep in my opinion, is the fee every person registered paid. What will be an out-of-pocket expense though will be gasoline (so happy the price per gallon is low right now), lodging, and the food associated with the trek from  Eastern Oregon to Portland, Oregon.

My expectations for the race are not very ambitious. This past week, I chose to take a break after pain on my left foot emerged during a seven mile run on Wednesday evening. Since I do not want a repeat of what happened last Spring, I took notice of the red flags of pain and made the decision to give my feet some rest. At this point, a HEALTHY year is way more important for me than a PR year. I would much prefer to cross the finish line slow but healthy than sit on the sidelines with an injury. Thus, my expectations will be to finish as strong as I can but as healthy as I can. This race will give me a baseline of my training performance since running the Marine Corps Marathon last October.


Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.  ~ Denis Waitley

 The MOST IMPORTANT goal I have for this race is to remain POSITIVE. Perhaps that is the most valuable lesson I have learned throughout the past years of racing. A negative attitude is pretty much the demise of any obstacle you want to tackle. If the weather is crummy, I want to remain positive. If my effort seems hard, I want to remain positive. If I feel like I weigh 900 pounds and my legs feel like clay, I want to remain positive. If the course is challenging even though it was described as flat, I want to remain positive. If there aren’t enough water stations or spectators on the course, I want to remain positive. If the course is packed and I am gridlocked with runners who are taking a leisure stroll in the park, I want to remain positive. If I am being passed by a man on a wheelchair with an oxygen mask on his face, I want to remain POSITIVE. Well, seems like I have covered all of the scenarios that ruffle my feathers. If any new scenarios pop-up, I shall be ready.


Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. ~ Helen Keller



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