We Got an RV!

We headed to Central Oregon for our first trip.

Camp fires will never go out of style regardless of whether we are sleeping in a tent or in a recreational vehicle.

We took in the beautiful scenery and hugged trees.

Some trees were too tall and robust to hug, but that made them even more impressive. This tree is the largest Ponderosa Tree in Oregon and approximately 500 years old.

En route back to the fast paced life, we made a pit-stop to Sparrow Bakery to indulge in the buzzed about ocean rolls.

Much to my chagrin, the bakery was closed (it closes around “2ish” according to their sign) and my disappointment was apparently evident to the young man who asked me to stand-by after I informed him I wanted to try the ocean rolls. He went back inside and came back with two rolls – on the house! The rolls did not disappoint! Sparrow bakery will be a must for me from now on. 

Do you own an RV? What campground do you recommend?


8 thoughts on “We Got an RV!

  1. New adventures await!!! Maybe keep a Travelogue for your home-away-from home for things like your blog above, photos, a sign-in page for guests and fun people you meet in your travels … something the girls can hold as they grow. I’m so excited for you guys!!!

  2. You were in Central Oregon and did not tell me? 😦 Sparrow is one of my favorite bakeries. There is also a Sparrow on the west side of Bend that I frequent (only a mile away from my house). Whenever I have a long ride or run, I fuel with an ocean roll.

    Your RV is beautiful. My husband and I are “talking” about getting one – someday. Next time you are in town, you have to let me know!

    • I wanted to contact you so badly, but it was a spur of the moment decision and it was on Father’s Day weekend. Next time we head out there (which I’m thinking will be soon), I will let you know in advance. Perhaps we can share a delicious Ocean Roll.

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